BASICS - Benefiting All Students In Cranston Schools
What is BASICS, and what is it all about??

In the fall of 2009, Cranston Public Schools had just lost two back-to-back Caroulo lawuits against the city, and were millions of dollars in debit.  The School Committee and City Council were practically in a cold war and were barely speaking to each other.  Because of this ongoing animosity, programs, activities, and options were taken away from our kids.

During this time, several members of the Cranston Education Advisory Board gathered together a group of concerned  parents and community members, and BASICS was born.  "Just Fix It" become the battle cry of the group, as we asked our City Officials to stop pointing fingers, stop placing blame, and JUST FIX IT.
Through the years, we have worked to become an advocacy and information group.  We strive to improve communication throughout the community, and to increase parent involvement.  With over 2000 members of our Facebook page, we provide a central place for parents and educators to ask questions, share thoughts, and brainstorm ideas.

In addition to these efforts, in 2009 we also created our own after school elementary music program, after instrument instruction was cut from the budget.  During our first year, we offered instruction in band and strings.  In year two, due to
popular demand, we added the glee club and acoustic guitar.  Last year
created a mentor program to develop leadership among our older students.
We will continue with our efforts to SAVE MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS.

Big things are happening for us, and for CRANSTON KIDS!!
In October, we opened our own BASICS HQ, 250 East Street, Cranston, to provide space to teach, play, and experience more!


To start a discussion, or for more information, please join us on Facebook.

We need volunteers and donations to keep our programs and advocacy alive - please consider donating what you can to help our efforts!